Four Methods of Job Search

Barbara Safani asked: four core methods of job search and I encourage job seekers to use all of them. When you are in search, looking for a job is your full-time job and you should plan to dedicate 35-40 hours per week to your search or a percentage of that it you are searching while [...]

How to Write a Compelling Resume That Gets Results

Michelle Dumas asked: The stakes have been raised in the job search. Employers and recruiters receive a deluge of resumes every day and in response to every job opening. The online resume databases are packed full with tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of resumes! How will you ensure that your resume will make [...]

Top Tips for Incorporating your Personal Brand in your Job Search

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Michelle Dumas asked: When you think about your next career move, how would things be different for you if you were HUNTED rather than being the HUNTER? Personal branding (the process of clarifying and communicating what makes you and your unique value proposition different and special) allows you to make a name [...]

Have You Bought Into These Resume Myths?

anonymous asked: It seems that “advice” on how to structure your resume is everywhere, with varying opinions from numerous sources.In today’s competitive job market, it makes more sense than ever to ensure that your resume is in top shape.Unfortunately, many resume ideas that should have been cast aside years ago still seem to float around, [...]

How Long Will Your Executive Job Search Take?

anonymous asked: great question… and one for which there is no “magic” answer. But if you’re in the job hunt at this point, you might swear that the process seems to be taking longer than ever before.At the heart of the problem is the fact that most companies receive unprecedented volumes of resumes in response [...]

Networking Made Easy: Tips for a Fast, Successful Job Search

Michelle Dumas asked: You’ve heard it before: at least 80% of all the jobs are found through the “hidden” job market, also known as the “unpublished” job market. These are jobs typically landed through word of mouth and referrals as opposed to the hit-or-miss method of answering ads, posting your resume to internet databases, or [...]

Quick Tips To Get Started Using Twitter For Your Job Search

Michelle Dumas asked: Tweet? If not, maybe you should.Perhaps it would be misleading to say that as a job searcher you MUST be on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social and business networking sites. But, assuming that you use social media in appropriate and professional ways, being connected and networking in these ways can only [...]

Take Days Off Of Your Job Search

Jan Wallen asked: onomy and job market have made a sea change. Things aren’t the same as they used to be. The marketplace has changed. The job market has changed. Now many more people are looking for the jobs that are out there. So it’s critical that you stand out in a crowded market. If [...]

Job Search Tips: How To Land More Interviews In A Bad Economy

Mary Elizabeth Bradford asked: know that you can increase your job interviews in a bad economy? Does that sound crazy to you? Truly it is not.Most people will fall into the temptation of holding on to the job they have (even if they are not really happy with it) rather than venture out into a [...]

Recession Busting Job Tips: 3 Job Search Strategies For Today’S Economy

Mary Elizabeth Bradford asked: Are you concerned about making a career change in todays economy? Though I can’t look into the future to see what will happen, what I can do for you is share three tips that will increase your odds of getting the job you want.A�Job Search Strategy #1: Go where the jobs [...]