This blog is dedicated to those who are attempting to understand the current Employment Landscape. Given all the economic conditions and uncertainty this blog attempts to give some unbiased perspective on looking for work.

In short I have been looking for a job for about 8 months. I have over 15 years of experience in the technology field. I have been a programmer, DBA, SysAdmin, Manager, Program Manager, Senior Business Analyst, Enterprise Architect, C-level for startups — and some other things I can’t remember at this point.

The market is VERY difficult right now for everyone — all skill levels — all experience levels.

Companies are not hiring at Director and VP levels. When I apply for mid-level positions I am told that “Yeah, we’d love to have you but you’ll leave once the economy gets better.” Possibly — and possibly not.

What I have done with SwiftHire is aggregate a variety of information that I have collected over time regarding — well — everything about the job market.

All said I have yet to find a magic formula to finding and securing a new position. And yes, i have tried everything from Resume Blasts, deep personal/social networking, applying to 20 jobs per day, dumbing down my resume — you name it and I have probably moved down that path.

Finding a new job IS a full-time job. And more stressful as I see the bills pile up, my savings dwindle and looking at cashing in some of my retirement.

Let me know your experiences — questions — perspectives.
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